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About Our Camp

Our camp is located in the UNESCO Wadi Rum Protected Area, close to the spectacular Jebel Al-Qattar, in an area known as the “Sunset Area” (Um Sabatah). From our camp you will enjoy great views of red and white sand dunes during the sunset. Leave your worries, the traffic, and other tourists behind! Located 12 km from Rum Village and 17 km from the Visitors Center, we are right on the edge of the Protected Area’s Wilderness Zone.
The camp has been located in Wadi Rum since 2003. The Protected Area of Wadi Rum has 74,200 hectares in total, and about the size of New York City. Here you will find a peaceful place, delicious Bedouin food, picturesque wild desert, a real fairy-tale place at night, gorgeous sunsets, perfect and genuine desert experience to be discovered! It's a destination is  by Hollywood films due to the red sands and the unworldly sandstone mountains creating favored an uncanny Mars-like landscape! It is known as 'Mars on Earth'.
Our camp has included breakfast, lunch and buffet dinner during your stay. You can also walk a big rock from the back of our tent to see sunrise/sunset (free), it just takes 3 minutes to get there.

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