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Presented by Wadi Rum Fire Camp, an Exclusive Partner with Luxury Villas inside Unesco Wadi Rum Desert

We are delighted to announce an exclusive partnership with a high-end luxury villas in the heart of the Wadi Rum Protected Area, with a custom-built villas, one of the rare. our partner was sourcing and renovating them to a luxury level. Now, via the partnership

luxury camp wadi rum
wadi rum fire camp

Recently, our exclusive partner renovated luxury villas and suites are thoughtfully designed to provide comfort, relaxation, enjoyment, and excitement, It is a sanctuary of tranquilly outside of any bustling city

Experience a complete sense of comfort, with the assurance that all your necessities and desires are conveniently accessible.

Located inside Unesco Wadi Rum, the villas possesses a sense of historical bedouin importance that aligns with its prestigious culture, including history.

Perfect for single, couples or small families with every comfort you would expect. This iconic villas has overlooked the picturesque mini gardens and desert.

About Section
wadi rum luxury


Your holiday is more than just the stunning scenery of Wadi Rum, it's also about the unforgettable adventures and welcoming locals you meet. Wadi Rum is a year-round utopia thanks to its traditional thousand year bedouin cuisine and hospitality

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Wadi Rum offers a captivating synthesis of thoughtfully crafted luxury with the beauty of local bedouin design."

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wadi rum luxury
wadi rum luxury


Embark on an epicurean voyage through an endless variety of bedouin cuisines, crafted with the finest ingredients and executed with passion. Let our unique and exquisite creations take your taste buds on an exceptional local culinary journey.

bubble tent wadi rum
bubble tent wadi rum
Ensuite Double or Twin Room

Featuring a private entrance, this air-conditioned suite comprises 1 living room and bedroom and with a shower in private unit. The suite is equipped with amenities such as tea and coffee maker, a seating area, a kettle, a wardrobe as well as a terrace with garden or mountain views.​ 

Our design draws inspiration from traditional bedouin residences. Each suite offer a seamless extension of living space, accommodating single individuals, couple or families with varying panoramic views of unesco wadi rum beautiful landscapes. The price of a room includes buffet dinner, breakfast, soft drinks, tea and water.


$ 175 JOD per room

wadi rum luxury


Dinner, and Breakfast inclusive

Open for both breakfast and dinner without additional cost, guests can feast on an extensive selection of exquisitely prepared bedouin standard. Every dish is prepared with  intricate precision, honours the classic style of Arabic cuisine and culinary tradition with a unique combination of Middle East style to create an extraordinary dining experience. Kindly be advised that vegetarian and vegan course menus require advance notification. Additionally, please specify any food allergies if any.

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Make Yourself at Home

Relax in our exquisitely furnished villas, which feature extensive use of wooden interiors, for an authentic luxury bedouin living experience which located in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by the lush red mars desert. Each villas feature a beautiful interior setting with an elegant design, a private exclusive bathroom, an air conditioner, and a comfortable bed that provide the best amenities. 


Mars on Earth, unlike any other places

Wadi Rum is highly praised as a top-ranked paradise and a desert sanctuary that closely resembles Mars, favourite by film marker. Its laid-back atmosphere and ambiance are truly unique. We provide a wide range of activities, including jeep tours, hiking, camel rides, local experiences, Bedouin meals, and cultural insights. We can tailor a unique plan for individuals of all interests and preferences, regardless of the season.

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Day. DREAM  •  Onsite Restaurant  •  2024 WADIRUM


At Home. In Style.

Reservations Open for This Year

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Bathroom Style

We do understand that not every campsite in wadi rum has private bathroom, in fact it is somewhat few. that is why we created this for you, It offers solitude and privacy. Unwind in our exclusive villas to rejuvenate your soul and establish a deep connection with your true self.


  • What is the process for cancelling or changing the date?
    Please inform us of any changes to your original arrival date within 14 days, subject to villa availability. If the arrival does not take place within 14 days of the designated date, there will be no reimbursement or refund of the deposit amount. It is possible to cancel the reservation. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide reimbursements for empty villa rooms because they cannot be resold to other visitors and remain registered under the customer's name.
  • How can I settle the outstanding amount upon arrival?
    The remaining balance can be made in the form of cash, paypal, credit card, or debit card upon arrival.
  • Do I need to make a full payment once my reservation is complete?
    When making a reservation, there is no need to provide full payment. Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that the limit for the number of villas can be sold in a single day is 8 daily. Availability is limited and is determined by the order in which requests are received. As a result, we highly recommend that guests verify the exact date of arrival. While it is possible to change the date, this is subject to availability. Each customer who has a confirmed reservation is required to provide a deposit or advance payment of 50 Jordanian dinars per day. The payment can be made using either a credit or debit card, international transfer or PayPal. Please keep in mind that a currency conversion may occur if the payer uses a non-Jordan-issued card. The remaining balance can be settled upon arrival, at check in. Please note that the deposit or advance payment is non-refundable because it is required to reserve the villas and cannot be sold to any other guest. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept or accommodate reservations without a deposit. We advertise these villas through our partner agencies and marketing channels in Jordan, the Middle East, and the European Union. Due to their limited availability, other guests will need to pay for their stay. However, customers have the option to change their arrival date within a fourteen-day period, subject to availability. Each price is final and confirmed; there are no additional fees.
  • Are the villas sold based on a per person or per room rate?
    Each villa can accommodate one person, a couple, two individuals, or a couple with an additional infant. The price of the room rate remains unchanged. Even if you are a solo traveler in need of a room, there is no reduction available, as the fee is based on a per-room basis.
  • How the credit card or debit card payment work?
    Once we receive confirmation, we will promptly send you a link to the official email address you provided during our conversation via the Stripe platform. During the checkout procedure, guests must input their payment information, such as their card number or bank account details, and full name which they must complete themselves. Nevertheless, due to security concerns, we neither possess nor save your card information. It shares a resemblance in terms of payment with Revolut, TransferWise, and PayPal. Stripe is specifically designed for use by corporate enterprises. The payment information is securely transmitted to a payment gateway using the stripe platform, which utilises encryption to safeguard the data before forwarding it to the payment processor. After finishing and confirming, Stripe will transfer the fund to us. Customers who want to pay with a credit or debit card will receive an official receipt through the Stripe platform. Please save the receipt for your records. eg, Stripe is a platform trusted and used by Airbnb, Google, Zara and million of small companies worldwide.
  • Do you accept credit card for tour reservation?
    We can accept or take credit or debit cards. However, the bank imposes an additional cost of 3 percent for card processing. For example, the jeep excursion costs 40 JOD plus a 3 percent fee, which is equivalent to 41.20 Jordanian dinars. If you do not require any fees, we might suggest using direct cash or PayPal. All tours organised by villas come with zero processing fee, with the exception of the Wadi Rum Fire Camp.
  • Are there any benefit for a guest to book with you?
    You are eligible for our partner discount. The price includes accommodation, transfer pick-up from the Wadi Rum protected area, drinks, and meals at no additional cost, unless a request falls outside our agreement. It doesn't matter where you booked previously. All you need to do is make your reservation directly with us to enjoy this advantage. Furthermore, we will provide support and answer any questions you may have about your stay. We also offer the chance to join a guided jeep tour, go hiking, or take a camel ride. Our team can arrange these activities at a luxury campsite at an additional cost.
  • How do I make reservation?
    Reservations can be made through our website using a special online form, WhatsApp, or email only
  • Can I request a specific room or additional request?
    Definitely, we are more than willing to accommodate any requests for a specific room, charge or no-fee. Please feel free to send us a message at your convenience.
  • Does the room include an air conditioner?
    The rooms are equipped with air conditioning without any extra cost.
  • Do all the rooms have private en-suite bathroom and toilet facilities?
    Indeed, we recognise that private restrooms and bathrooms are essential for specific groups; it is the same as per our photos on this page.
  • How many rooms are there at the luxury resort?
    At the luxury resort, there are only 8 villas available. To ensure a smooth experience, we kindly request that customers confirm their exact arrival date. We sell the villas on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Are additional guests allowed to stay in the villas at no extra charge?
    Each villa has a maximum capacity of two individuals, including infants. An additional guest or more guests will incur an extra charge, or we might suggest booking more villas.
  • What types of beds are available?
    Each villa is offered in either a double or twin-bed arrangement. We have a cot for infants available. Please contact us to let us know if you need it.
  • Are there private restaurant on site?
    Unfortunately no. However, we do have exclusive dining spaces that can accommodate bigger groups. Additionally, we can arrange for the delivery of personalised catering services in a secluded and convenient location outside of the main restaurant premises.
  • How many restaurant on site?
    The luxury villas have a single on-site restaurant, situated in an open area that may be shared with other guests.
  • Is the cost of the villas included in the admission fee to the Wadi Rum protected area?
    The Wadi Rum protected region has an admission fee of 7 JOD per person, effective in 2024. However, individuals with a valid Jordan Pass are exempt from this fee. Unfortunately, the Jordanian government collects entrance fees for conservation and other purposes, so the accommodation or tour pricing does not include them.
  • Is it possible to access the villas directly by driving my rental car?
    Sadly, it is not possible. Normal rental cars are unable to traverse the desert sand and require 4x4 wheel drive to enter the Wadi Rum Desert. Furthermore, in order to enter the Wadi Rum Protected Area, all vehicles, including 4WDs for tourists or visitor not from the wadi rum tribe, are required to pay a mandatory self-drive charge of 35 jod per vehicle, payable at the visitor centre. Desert sands will render it nearly impossible to reach the centre of the Wadi Rum protected area. However, we will provide you with a complimentary free transfer pick-up from Wadi Rum village or the visitor centre. this service aims to assist you in your check-in and check-out procedures without additional cost.
  • What is the nearest airport to Wadi Rum?
    Aqaba Airport is the nearest international airport. Many airlines serve this airport with non-stop flights. The drive typically takes around an hour; however, there may be frequent aircraft cancellations owing to the proximity of the area to Israeli airspace. We suggest opting for a flight to Amman airport due to its higher frequency, despite its somewhat distant, usually 5-hour drive to Wadi Rum.
  • What is exclusive partner?
    We belong to the same real family, and we are both interconnected in terms of the number of individuals who would like to be guests in the villas. An exclusive partner is defined as an officially authorised member of a business entity who has the privilege to occupy villas. We possess the authorisation and capability to collect, assist in making reservations, and benefit from accessing a discounted rate to guarantee a greater number of reservations. Our services are comparable to those of a tour agency, but greater.
  • It is possible to book the luxury room without tour?
    Certainly, any potential guest can simply book the luxury room without participating in a tour; the room cost is final.
  • Is there any shutter pick up within the luxury villas?
    We provide a complimentary one-time pick-up service for check-in and check-out purposes, mainly from Wadi Rum Village or the Visitor Centre, provided that you have a reservation with us. In addition, we might be able to pick up from other campsites located inside the Wadi Rum protected area, except Disah. However, this is subject to approval. If you need a transfer or want to participate in our tour, it is free of charge.
  • How do I book an additional tour?
    We can provide assistance with booking the tour, which incurs an additional fee. Customers currently have the option of participating in a tour organised by Wadi Rum Fire Camp or run by luxurious villas. However, please note that there is a price disparity between luxury villas. Each guest who has made a reservation with us has the opportunity to select a tour according to their own desires. If you choose an excursion organised by luxury villas, we can provide you with a clear and upfront fee. Nevertheless, in the event that consumers arrive at the villas without a tour, they will no longer qualify for our reduced pricing and will need to consider the luxury villas instead. This is because we are only partners and do not possess ownership of the villas. As a result, we strongly advise our guests who wish to participate in our tour to make a reservation before their check-in. e.g., a jeep tour. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate any late tour reservations for individuals who have already checked in at the villas.
  • Does the villa price cover any packages including jeep, hiking or similar package?
    Unfortunately, the villas' prices only cover a one-night stay, as stated in the descriptions. This page only features villa accommodations and does not include any other products on our website. This page exclusively showcases villa accommodation and does not include any other products available on our website. Unless otherwise specified, it is not associated with any Jeep or hiking programs on other pages. For example, another webpage on our website specifies that the jeep excursion has a duration of a whole day and includes an overnight accommodation. The overnight stay is provided at a budget Bedouin campsite which run by wadi rum fire camp, not in villas or luxury accommodations.
  • What kind of meals are often included in breakfast and dinner?
    Our meals are influenced by traditional Bedouin cuisine; they are not international or European standards. Kindly inform me if you have any specific dietary preferences for the meals. We can accommodate requests for vegetarian and vegan options at no additional cost.
  • Do you provide alcoholic beverages for sale?
    Unfortunately due to religious issue, we unable to sale. Our guest are welcome to bring own at other city before entering wadi rum protected area, drinking alcohol or wine are permitted.
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