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Wadi Rum Fire Camp has partner and collaboration with Stripe to enhance and offer additional payment options.
By introducing a new payment method, we have enabled our customers to make purchases on credit instead of relying on cash if required, offering them greater flexibility and the convenience of not having to carry physical currency when paying for their tours.

Customers can choose to make their own payment through Stripe after the transaction settlement date, and then Stripe will transfer the funds to us. Every guest will be provided with an official receipt upon making a payment using a card. This functionality allows customers to reduce the quantity of cash they withdraw from ATMs, enabling them to allocate that cash for alternative purposes. If not, cash payment is accepted.

Enhanced Payment Method

wadi rum desert

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Urska, Poland

For our family (2 adults and two teenagers) was a two-day stay at the Wadi Rum Fire Camp, with Guided Hiking Tour To Wadi Rum Jebal Al Hash, a favorite thing in whole Jordan. The desert is not just magical and indescribably beautiful, but also an absolute paradise for lovers of untouched nature, hikers and climbers. And, OMG, you will definitely never forget the spectacular sunsets from here. Generally one of the kindest, humblest, most generous, warm-hearted and sincere people we have ever met.
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