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Special Packages and Deals

Incredible experiences at Your Fingertips

Wadi Rum Fire Camp provides magnificent packages that will exceed your expectations. Our different programmes are meticulously developed to assist consumers maximise their travel time and budget. Take a peek at some of our current promotions and don't miss out on the excitement. Please contact us to schedule your vacation today.

wadi rum tour

4x4 Jeep Tours

JD 25- 60 per person

Jeep trips are the most effective method to experience everything Wadi Rum has to offer. To explore the desert, you may take a variety of trips (ranging from half a day to two nights or more).


Our jeeps (both open and closed) are comfortable and designed for desert conditions. We also provide complimentary sand boards for usage on the dunes.Our English-speaking drivers drive slowly, allowing you to appreciate the journey through Wadi Rum's deserts and canyons. 

At each point on your tour, you will have time to stop, get out, take photographs, hike, climb, explore, and even drink a cup of wonderful Bedouin tea at one of the numerous Bedouin tents situated across the desert. However, you may ask the driver to stop whenever and wherever you want--this is your journey, so you can travel at your own leisure.

Camel Tours

JD 15-60 per person

Camel excursions are the most breathtaking way to experience the desert. After a few hours in the saddle, you'll feel like a true Bedouin riding the'ships of the desert'. Your guide will ride on his own camel, and all of the camels will be roped together to ensure an orderly and comfortable journey. If you are feeling daring, you may take the wheel and put your inner Bedouin to the test!


We provide trips ranging from a half-day to four days in duration. The time mentioned is the maximum time for the tour, which is what we recommend in order to properly experience each location. You can, however, complete your trip more quickly if you choose.

Start timings vary depending on the duration of the trip, however we can accommodate your schedule. If you arrive too late in the day to complete your trip, you are invited to begin the tour the next morning after breakfast.

wadi rum camel
jabal al hash

Hiking Tours

JD 40- 90 pp/per day (depends on the the number of days and persons in the group)

Hiking trips allow you to explore the desert and its breathtaking scenery in peace and at your own speed. You'll feel like a genuine Bedouin travelling from place to place.


We provide excursions ranging from one to five days in duration. A whole day is required to view the schedule that you will follow on each day. If you walk at an aggressive pace, you can finish your tour faster than normal.

All excursions begin in the morning, however we may be flexible to fit your schedule. If you arrive too late in the day to complete your trip, you are invited to begin the tour the next morning after breakfast.

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