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Hiking Tour

JD 40 - 90 pp/per day (depends on the the number of days and persons in the group)

Hiking excursions provide the opportunity to quietly and independently appreciate the desert's breathtaking landscapes. You will experience the authentic Bedouin way of life as you wander from location to location.


We provide excursions with durations varying from one day to five days. In order to examine the daily itinerary, an entire day is required. Nevertheless, if you so choose, you can complete the excursion more quickly than usual by hiking at an aggressive tempo.

Although every tour begins in the morning, we are accommodating of your schedule. Should your arrival be past the designated time for the tour, you are cordially invited to commence the tour the following morning subsequent to brunch.

Hiking Tour: Project


wadi rum hiking

Full Day Hiking and Sleep Under the Stars

2 Day Hiking and Sleep Under the Stars

hiking jordan
hiking jordan

3 Day Hiking and Sleep Under the Stars

4 Day Hiking and Sleep Under the Stars

wadi rum
um ad dami

5 Days Hiking Tour and Sleep Under the Stars

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