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wadi rum fire camp

Find your experience with the' Mars on Earth' experience with us.

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Who We Are

wadi rum fire camp

Welcome, dear Guest! My name is Ibraheem Mutlak, I am the owner of the camp for Wadi Rum desert in Jordan. Welcome to my page. I grew up in Wadi Rum and I would be honored to share my experience and knowledge of the area together with you. The camp you will be staying in is family-owned and -operated since our camp opened in 2003, we have treated every customer extremely well as though he or she were part of our family. we do provide tour service for our guests at the best prices. Our services are one of the best and please come with a personal touch!
Try Desert Life with Us and don't hesitate to send us any inquiries!

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Plan Your Next Adventure

Since 1997, With the knowledge and experience to find the best deals inside UNESCO wadi rum, we could make your experience as easy as possible

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About Our Camp

Our camp is located in the UNESCO Wadi Rum Protected Area, close to the spectacular Jebel Al-Qattar, in an area known as the “Sunset Area” (Um Sabatah). From our camp you will enjoy great views of red and white sand dunes during the sunset. Leave your worries, the traffic, and other tourists behind! Located 12 km from Rum Village and 17 km from the Visitors Center, we are right on the edge of the Protected Area’s Wilderness Zone.

The camp has been located in Wadi Rum since 2003. The Protected Area of Wadi Rum has 74,200 hectares in total, and about the size of New York City. Here you will find a peaceful place, delicious Bedouin food, picturesque wild desert, a real fairy-tale place at night, gorgeous sunsets, perfect and genuine desert experience to be discovered! It's a destination is  by Hollywood films due to the red sands and the unworldly sandstone mountains creating favored an uncanny Mars-like landscape! It is known as 'Mars on Earth'.

Our camp has included breakfast, lunch and buffet dinner during your stay. You can also walk a big rock from the back of our tent to see sunrise/sunset (free), it just takes 3 minutes to get there.

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About Wadi Rum

Great Journeys. Fascinating Places.

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​Wadi Rum (Valley of the Moon) is a spectacular desert environment situated in southern Jordan, lies in the far south of Jordan, set on a high plateau at the western edge of the Arabian desert. Gargantuan rock formations, rippled sand dunes, and clear night skies create an almost fairy-tale setting across an unpopulated area the size of New York City. 
Besides stunning desert landscape, Wadi Rum also boasts astounding cultural landscape. 25,000 petroglyphs (rock carvings), 20,000 inscriptions, and 154 archaeological sites have been discovered within this place, tracing the evolution of human thought and the early development of the alphabet.

It is a popular tourist attraction for those whom nature entices to explore its magical beauty. Wadi Rum's location, about 30 Km from the main Desert Highway between Aqaba and Amman, makes it a truly 'off-the-beaten track' location. This distance gives Wadi Rum its unique characteristic as a remote and peaceful area. However, as its popularity has grown over the past 20 years, you will find numerous Bedouin-style camps which offer tourists a special experience of desert life - including the opportunity to sleep under a sky full of stars.

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Why Choose Us

At WADI RUM FIRE CAMP, we go above and beyond to meet our clients’ travel needs. No matter where you’re going and for how long it takes.

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All-inclusive price

We are a trusted Bedouin who will share the price beforehand with no hidden fee or advance payment needed. thus, less worry ahead

Traditional experience

Live like a local in our Bedouin camp with traditional Bedouin meals cooked under the desert. plus our place has been known as mars on earth!

Local Experts

We take pride in our work and truly passionate about sharing Wadi Rum's nature, culture and history, you can always rely our honest opinion and recommendations

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Special Packages and Deals

Incredible experiences at Your Fingertips

Wadi Rum Fire Camp offers you spectacular packages that will exceed your expectations. Our various programs are thoughtfully designed to help customers make the best out of the trips with their time and budget so they can focus on enjoy themselves to the fullest. Take a look at our special offers and don’t miss out on the fun. Contact us to reserve your trip today.

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4x4 Jeep Tours

JD 25-60 per adult

Jeep tours are the best way to see the most of what Wadi Rum has to offer. You can choose different tours (from half a day to two nights or more) to explore the dessert. Our jeeps (both open and closed) are comfortable and modified for the desert environment. We also offer sand boards free of charge which you can use at the sand dunes. Our English speaking drivers go slow, so that you have time to enjoy the ride in the deserts and canyons of Wadi Rum. At each spot in your itinerary, you will have time to stop, get out, take pictures, hike, climb, explore, and even enjoy a cup of delicious Bedouin tea at one of the many Bedouin tents found in the desert. However, you can ask the driver to stop anytime and anywhere you want- this is your trip, and you can go at your own pace

Camel Tours

JD 15-60 per adult

Camel tours are the most stunning way to see the desert. The camels go slowly, and you will feel like a real Bedouin riding the 'ships of the desert' after a few hours in the saddle. Your guide will be on his own camel, and all the camels are tethered together for an orderly and comfortable trip. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can take the reins and put your inner Bedouin to the test!

We offer tours ranging from a half day to four days in duration. The time shown is the maximum time for the tour, and it is the amount we recommend in order to be able to fully enjoy every site. However, you can complete your tour quicker if you so choose. 

Start times vary based on the length of the tour, but we can be flexible to accommodate your schedule. If you will arrive too late in the day to complete your tour, you are welcome to start the tour the next morning after breakfast.

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Hiking Tour

JD 40 - 90 pp/per day (depends on the the number of days and people in the group)

Hiking tours allow you to enjoy the desert and its stunning landscapes in silence and at your own pace. You will feel like a real Bedouin wandering from place to place. 

We offer tours ranging from a single day to five days in duration. A full day is needed to see the itinerary that you will embark on each day. However, if you hike at an aggressive pace you can complete your tour quicker than usual, if you so choose. 

All the tours start in the morning, but we can be flexible to accommodate your schedule. If you will arrive too late in the day to complete your tour, you are welcome to start the tour the next morning after breakfast.

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Make a tour reservation

Let us know which tour you would like to book with us. We are happy to provide you any further information you may require about the tour (includes overnight and dinner)


Book our campsite via with no reservation costs. Great rates, Friendly Bedouin, Meals on Board, 24/7 Customer Service at anytime, anywhere

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