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faq wadi rum

General Information


Our Campsite

  • Our camp is off the grid, with no public access. However, we do have solar panels to generate power for guest use, however utilising a hair dryer, portable air conditioner, or warming device is not encouraged. Each of our rooms is outfitted with a power outlet for guest 

  • We do give western hot showers and toilets that are gender divided. There are no individual showers in the rooms; all of our camp amenities are communal. We encourage using proper water because it is a precious resource in the desert.

Weather and clothing

The weather of Wadi Rum, while predictable, changes greatly depending on the season. Summers are fairly hot, with typical daytime temperatures ranging from 38* to 45* (100* - 113* F). However, at night, the temperature lowers dramatically (15* - 20*; 60* - 68* F). Light, loose, and comfortable attire is preferable, with a light jacket for the night. During the winter, daytime temperatures range from 15° to 20°, while nighttime temperatures stay around freezing. If you visit Wadi Rum in the winter, be sure to carry a thick jacket for the evenings.


Please note that we are in a strict Islamic nation. While we have no objections to what you wear in Wadi Rum, you should be aware of local sensitivities during your vacation to Jordan.

Things that are useful for desert

  • A pair of lightweight hiking shoes, trainers or sandals

  • Hat**, sunglasses, and sunscreen

  • Personal medicine.

  • Flashlight or headlamp (to move about camp late at night).

  • (Optional) Sleeping bag if you pick a sleep beneath the stars package (all tents in camp come with beds, blankets, and mattresses).

  • During your excursion, you will have the opportunity to acquire an Arab head covering known for its exceptional solar protection properties—a reason why it has been worn by the Bedouin for centuries.

Things that are useful for your trip to Jordan

  • A pair of lightweight hiking boots, trainers, or sandals

  • **Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen.

  • Personal medication.

  • Flashlight or headlamp (for moving about camp late at night).

  • (Optional) Sleeping bag if you choose the sleep beneath the stars package (all tents in camp include beds, blankets, and mattresses).

Payment in Wadi Rum

  • In Wadi Rum, neither an ATM nor an exchange office are present. Cash payments in Euros, USD, or Jordanian Dinars are accepted at Wadi Rum; however, Jordanian Dinars are preferred.

  • Prices displayed on websites are per individual and are denominated in Jordanian dinars (JOD), unless otherwise specified. Upon confirmation of the reservation, the price becomes indemnified against any potential surcharges.

  • Cancellation fees are waived for reservations made up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time.

  • We can accept credit card payments, any transaction was protected by the Stripe platform. All customer will receive an official receipt via email upon completion of payment.

Foods and drinks

A modest tent/restaurant located at the entrance to the park serves Jordanian sustenance such as bread, yoghurt, and other staples.


Zattar (bread dunked in a mixture of olive oil and thyme) for breakfast. In addition, we provide preserves, eggs, cheese, yoghurt, and more. Breakfast is intentionally kept light to allow for a speedy departure, whether that be to continue your travels back to the village or to embark on a tour with us.


Bread, humus, salad, tuna, foul, eggs, and an assortment of heated dishes (such as eggs with tomatoes) comprise lunch. Each supper consists of a unique component.


Dinner is one of the most anticipated meals of the journey. It generally comprises the Zarb, a Bedouin culinary creation traditionally prepared underground. Occasionally, we offer a delectable "Bedouin Barbecue" prepared over an open flame. Included among the side dishes are fruit, salads, broth, grains, vegetables, and bread. It will be impossible to evade the Bedouin tea that is served in each shelter you enter. It is typically sweet, spicy, and flavoured with sage and/or mint. An experience that should not be overlooked.

Additionally, complimentary bottled water is provided.

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