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camel ride jordan

Camel Tours

JD 15-60 per person

Camel tours are the most stunning way to see the desert. The camels go slowly, and you will feel like a real Bedouin riding the 'ships of the desert' after a few hours in the saddle. Your guide will be on his own camel, and all the camels are tethered together for an orderly and comfortable trip. However, if you are feeling adventurous, you can take the reins and put your inner Bedouin to the test!

We offer tours ranging from a half day to four days in duration. The time shown is the maximum time for the tour, and it is the amount we recommend in order to be able to fully enjoy every site. However, you can complete your tour quicker if you so choose. 

Start times vary based on the length of the tour, but we can be flexible to accommodate your schedule. If you will arrive too late in the day to complete your tour, you are welcome to start the tour the next morning after breakfast.

Camel Tours: Current Specials
Camel Tour


Camel Tours: Tours
camel ride

One day Camel Ride with No Overnight

40-50 JD Per Person

Full day jeep and camel tour with overnight

50-90 JD Per Person

jordan camel
camel ride jordan

3 Hour Camel Ride with Overnight

35-40 JD Per Person

1 Hour Night Camel Ride (add on)

20 JD Per Person

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camel ride wadi rum

Short Camel Ride (No Overnight Stay)

15-25 JD Per Person

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