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jabal al hash

Jabal Al-Hash Two Day Tour With Overnight

Jabal Al-Hash Two Day Tour With Overnight: Product


1 Person 135 JD per adult
2-4 Persons 95 JD per adult
5-8 Persons 80 JD per adult
More than 8 persons 80 JD per adult
Children under 12 years 50%
Children under 2 years free

Price includes

Jeep driver who speaks English and is also a hiking guide, rental 4x4 jeep
Accommodation, dinner, lunch, breakfast, water, tea, lunch, sandboarding game
2 nights in Wadi Rum Fire Camp
Drive back to the village


Duration: 2 days, 2 nights
Activities: 4x4 Tour, Hiking, Sightseeing
Physical Rating: Moderate

Meeting Point and Time

Meeting Point: Wadi Rum Visitor’s Center, 9:30 am
Finishing Point: Rum Village, after 9:30 am

Jabal Al-Hash Two Day Tour With Overnight: Price List

Program details

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From Wadi Rum you and your guide will visit the Nabataean Temple, which is located close to Rum village and features ancient Thamudicand Kufic rock art. The temple was erected around the first century BC. Next we'll drive you to Lawrence Spring where you can climb and take pictures of the incredible view. After this you will go to see the Mapand then the Sand Dunes, which are a large area of sand dunes piledup against the mountains. It's fun to climb to the top and then rundown. Then we'll take you to see the Ancient Inscriptions and afterwards you'll go by the Lawrence House. Next we will drive you to the Burrah Canyon where we will drop you off with a map and you'll hike for about two hours in this beautiful setting. At the end of the hike you will have lunch, Bedouin tea and then continue to the Burdah Mountain where you'll see the big bridge from the ground. After that we'll take you to the Um Frouth Rock Bridge. You will have an opportunity to climb this bridge. Next is the Small Arch Bridge which can also climb easily. After this you'll go to Khazali Canyon where you can walk inside to see the inscriptions. Then we'll take you to the camp where you can put your things in your tent, have a shower, sip Bedouin teabefore viewing the setting sun at a gorgeous site called Al Ghuroub. If you arrive at the camp early you may walk to this site or take a leisurely hike in the area.



After breakfast we will drive you by jeep to Jabal Al Hash, located in Al Forah area, close to the Jordanian-Saudi Arabian border. This mountain is very easy to climb for anyone who is inexperienced or who would like a simple hike. You and your guide will start hiking from the eastern side of the mountain in the Um Snenah Valley and go through the valley to the top. Then we will take you down from the north-western side of the mountain by Wadi Nuqra. In total this hike takes approximately 5 hours. This is probably the most beautiful mountain in Wadi Rum to hike on, because when you arrive at the highest point (1700m above sea level) you will see all the different colours that encapsulate Wadi Rum. After reaching the top, you will desend the mountain and your guide will start cooking your lunch and you can rest for 1 hour. After that you and your guide will walk about 3 hours around the mountain. Finally, we will back to the camp and wait for the sunset, and then you can enjoy the dinner and music.
Next day after breakfast we will drive you back to Rum village.

wadi rum camel

Additional Offers

Camel Ride Options:

Normal Ride: You can enjoy doing Camel riding for additional cost. The price is 10 JD per Camel. The duration is 30 minute
Sunset Camel Ride: You can enjoy doing Camel riding during sunset. The price is 20 JD per Camel. The duration is 2 hour.
Camel ride by the night: You can enjoy doing the Camel ride under the stars by night. It costs 20 JD per camel. The duration is 1 hour.

Our team of experts is trained to meet all of your traveling needs. Get in touch today for more details.

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