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Jabal Rum Two Day Tour with Overnight

Jabal Al-Hash Two Day Tour With Overnight: Product


2-4 Persons 240 JD per adult
5-8 Persons 170 JD per adult
More than 8 persons 130 JD per adult
Children under 12 years 50%

(not suitable under 5 years)

Price includes

Jeep driver who speaks English and is also a hiking guide, rental 4x4 jeep
Accommodation, dinner, lunch, breakfast, water, tea, lunch, sandboarding game
2 nights in Wadi Rum Fire Camp
Drive back to the village


Duration: 2 days, 2 nights
Activities: 4x4 Tour, Hiking, Sightseeing
Physical Rating: Moderate

Meeting Point and Time

Meeting Point: Wadi Rum Visitor’s Center, 9:30 am
Finishing Point: Rum Village, after 9:30 am

Jabal Al-Hash Two Day Tour With Overnight: Price List

Program details

wadi rum hiking


Our representative meets you at the Wadi Rum Visitor’s Center to assist in your transfer to Rum Village, where your 4x4 tour begins with one of our professional driver guides. A full day’s tour covers between 8 and 12 sites, including lunch and an hour of rest time. The number of sites visited depends on the pacing you choose. The first site you will visit is the Nabatean temple. Then you will head through the small village and into the Wadi Rum protected area where your next stop will be at Lawrence’s Spring. Next, you will go to enjoy the large Red Sand Dunes piled up against the mountains. This is a great place to try sand boarding, so let us know if that is something that interests you. After this, you will head to Khazali Canyon to see the ancient rock inscriptions. Next we drive to the Little Arch, a natural formation where you can have a photo taken on top of the arch. From here we move on to Lawrence’s house which is a Nabatean era stone building remains. Your guide will then find a nice shaded spot for lunch break where you can relax a bit, eat and enjoy tea.

Following lunch, the guide will drive you to the Mushroom Rock which is a large natural formation. Then you will go to the Burdah Rock Bridge where you can see the formation at the top of the mountains. After this you will head to Abu Khashebah canyon where you can take a walk through the cool beautiful canyon. Then your guide will drive you to the Um Frouth Rock Bridge where you can climb to the top. This is a great spot to take photos.


Now it is time for the sunset.  Your guide will take you to the Um Sabata area, which we think is the best place for viewing the magnificent sunset in Wadi Rum.  While enjoying the sunset, you will sip the bedouin tea made over the fire.  Then he will drive you back to our camp. Upon arrival at the camp, the staff will show you your tent and then you will enjoy the evening in bedouin. After your meal, conversation often lingers late around the fire, as we gaze up at the magnificent night sky. 

jabal rum


After breakfast time, we will drive you by jeep to Jabal Rum, the second-highest point in Jordan with its highest peak at 1734 mt, rising directly above Rum valley, cut into the sandstone and granite rock in southern Jordan popular for its martian landscape and rock formations. Most routes to the top require ropes and harness, although there is a trail that is achievable without equipment depending on which guide we work on that day, it is possible to sleep under the star at the top.


Before reaching the top, we will have a chance to gaze at thamudic inscriptions which are engraved on the wall. They tell us stories about the history and evolution of human activity in the Arabian Peninsula. With over 25,000 petroglyphs and over 20,000 inscriptions, mostly in Thamudic, it is also home to the wild animals who take shelter and a hunting ground for bedouin. At the top of the mountain they are surprisingly flat. 


This is the toughest and hardest route in Wadi Rum since it requires 5-6 hours one way to the top, not including going back down ! Therefore, we recommend having a high physical fitness. It is not suitable for inexperienced climbers. Due to the natural limitations of this mountain and the steep level, it can be as high as 85 degrees, therefore the cost of this tour are higher. Additionally, we have around 3-5 guides for the whole Wadi Rum Protected Area who are qualified to be guides which only!

wadi rum camel

Additional Offers

Camel Ride Options:


Normal Ride: You can enjoy doing Camel riding for additional cost. The price is 10 JD per Camel. The duration is 30 minute
Sunset Camel Ride: You can enjoy doing Camel riding during sunset. The price is 20 JD per Camel. The duration is 2 hour.
Camel ride by the night: You can enjoy doing the Camel ride under the stars by night. It costs 20 JD per camel. The duration is 1 hour.

Our team of experts is trained to meet all of your traveling needs. Get in touch today for more details.

Visit Jordan: Summiting Jabal Rum

Visit Jordan: Summiting Jabal Rum

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